Thursday, 14 April 2011

Easter Tree Hunting

In my blog the other day I talked about our yearly tradition of heading off into the woods to look for the perfect branch that would have the very important job of being our Easter Tree.

Mark is away now working for a few days and as he will be away for Easter weekend as well, we thought it was best to do it sooner rather than later. So with wellies, penknife and a rucksack filled with nibbles at the ready, Mark, Molly (our Westie) and I headed towards Vellanoweth Woods.

We stopped off at the Post Office on the way to send off the large number of NOTHS orders that seem to have kept flowing in this week; which is always a good thing and then set off.

The woods are only a short walk away from us and I always love heading over this way as my childhood home is just set off the side of the valley looking down on them. They are always filled with lots of fond memories of long Sunday walks, sledging in the winter and my poor Father, who spent many a late night in there looking for our dear old dog 'Bess', who quite often got spooked by the bird scarers, would jump the gate and head off into the woods. Many a time have we had the car head lights shining into the woods, shouting at him in his pjs and wellies to 'keep going', when she was only just ahead of him running along!

A good spot to play 'Pooh Sticks'

The rain managed to stay away, and we ended up having a lovely two hour walk. Stopping off for some biscuits and tea in the most gorgeous meadow filled with daisies; it was nice to have a break away from the workroom and the long hours at the laptop researching for the new venture.

Ludgvan Church (oh and Molly!)

We managed to avoid stopping in the local pub 'The White Hart' for a refreshment; which I do recommend for their very delicious food and continued into the fields with a wonderful view of the Mount.

We spent the rest of the afternoon wrapped up in blankets, sat outside on the decking with a fresh baguette, some cheese and pate and a glass of wine in hand.

I have to say we weren't exactly spoilt for choice this time when it came to the branches, so I'm just going to have to try my best with what we found. But hey, Easter isn't Easter without a decorated tree in the home is it!?

I'll post the pictures over the next few days.

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