Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Easter Tree

You may remember the other day I wrote about our hunt for the perfect branches for our Easter Tree and I promised to post some pictures of the finished article.

Well after a lot of tweaking and umming and aahing, here it finally is.

I found some lovely hedgerow flowers to add a bit of colour and although the branches weren't the best we have ever found; a little sparse when it came to greenery shall I say, I actually quite like it.

I'll always remember my Mother's dining room window looking like a carnival of spring colours and I've always thought having an Easter Tree was a lovely tradition to keep. So, over the weekend, decorations I have had for years, many spanning back to my childhood have been pulled out of the attic and arranged alongside our very own Lillies decorations.

Our Mini Easter Chick in an Easter Yellow

and in a smooth Chocolate Truffle.

One of our Dotty Easter Eggs in a lovely pink

and one of the old favourites that comes out every year.
Every time I look at him he makes me smile!

Our leggy Easter Chicks have found a home in the kitchen windows ... 

.... some new friends for our blue Rooster!

Bowls of colourful sweets fill the house, sitting beautifully amongst the endless vases of daffodils and the traditional Hot Cross Buns are already filling the cake tins.

Mark is away at the weekend, so the celebrations are being brought forward, not that I mind; not at all, it means I get to enjoy one of my favourite times of year, not once, but twice and that is never a bad thing!!

So from sunny Cornwall we wish you all a very Happy Easter!

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