Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Strawberry Lane Forever

Across the road from us we are very lucky to have a man who sells his own strawberries. In the Winter he sells Christmas Trees and you always know Christmas has arrived when the tree signs go out and the small turning to his selling area is lined with fairy lights in every colour imaginable. All through December you see people driving down there, filled with excitement and festive cheer ready to make the very important decision on which tree will adorn their home.

Along with fields of Daffodils and Tulips lining florists shop fronts, his wooden signs adorned with the usual bright red strawberry is one of the sure signs Spring is here and Summer is definitely around the corner.

The lane becomes alive with tempted locals and holiday makers alike, who see the signs at the crossroads and turn off to grab that small or large wonderful punnet of beautiful ruby red strawberries.

The other morning I opened the blinds and was very happy to see 'Strawberry Man' had put his signs out in the lane. All of a sudden the house was filled with cheers of 'Hurrah'. Very excitedly we started talking about how we like to eat ours; plain, with a coating of sugar on top or with a comforting dollop of Cornish clotted cream. It wasn't long before it soon dawned on us, this time of year always has the danger of turning into a £3.50 daily strawberry habit!

However, I always argue it's a very healthy way to turn our backs on the abundance of chocolate from Easter and with our Tea Party for the Royal Wedding looming around the corner and with strawberries being on the menu; well, it would be rude really not to sample a few, simply to make sure they are going to be just right for all our guests!

and of course they are always best washed down with a lovely cold glass of old fashioned lemonade!

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